Reminding women, Menstruation is not a set back but a stepping stone

Why India must battle the

For a long time in India, menstruation has been considered impure, a taboo, which has led tto discrimination against menstruating women. While some women are excluded from social and religious events, others are denied entry into places of worship, sometimes even their own kitchens.

We’re Starting a
conversation, to liberate the
Taboo around Menstruation
& reshape communities

According to the National Family Health Survey, there are 335 million menstruating women in India, out of which:

women use sanitary napkins during menstruation

girls drop out of school upon reaching puberty

women cannot afford sanitary napkins due to high cost

The real battle that women face is 
The affordability & accessability of sanitary pads

In India, a significant proportion of girls and women have no access to basic sanitary products and use ash, banana leaves, husk, sand and/or unsanitised cloth for menstrual hygiene. Millions of families across India cannot afford to buy menstrual hygiene products.

If a daily-wage labourer’s daughter wants a pad, she feels guilty to even ask her family for the money to buy it. For them, it’s a toss-up between spending on food for the family or purchasing sanitary napkins.

We aren’t just distributing pads,
We distribute Dignity, respect and a promise of equality

At World of Women, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to fight the good fight and empower menstruating girls and women all over the country, opening them up to educational and employment opportunities and helping them lead a more independent, rewarding, and fulfilling life.

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We aren’t just distributing pads,
We distribute Dignity, respect and a promise of equality