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The urgent need for India to confront
The Stigma of Menstruation

In the heart of India, amidst the vibrant tapestry of cultures and communities, a silent challenge, seldom spoken of, has been felt by countless girls and women across the nation.

It is the challenge of Menstruation
– a natural phenomenon that has held within it both power and taboo.

The canvas of India, in regard to menstruation, presents a grim actuality

In India, a significant proportion of girls and women, particularly from low-income backgrounds, face a distressing reality during menstruation. Access to something as fundamental as a sanitary pad remains a distant dream for them.

Unhygienic Methods Women
We aren’t just distributing pads,

Women in many parts of India end up using ash, banana leaves, husk, sand and/or unsanitised cloth for menstrual hygiene. Among young women aged 15-24 years, 62% use cloth for menstrual protection.

World of Women began as a heartfelt endeavour, ignited by a simple truth Every girl deserves the means to embrace her period with dignity and confidence

Our journey was rooted in the vision of ensuring that no girl or woman is left without the essentials needs to manage her menstrual cycle and, by extension, her health & hygiene.

Our Vision, Sanitary freedom that keeps Indian schoolgirls in class. Menstrual liberation that empowers women to equal number of working days as their male counterparts. WOW supports raising awareness regarding sanitation and
hygiene with a specific focus in menstrual management in order to empower and enable women to make informed choices.

Behind every statistic is a woman whose life can be forever transformed by menstrual empowerment

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