Wow’s kits not only hold sanitary pads but also Opportunities and aspirations
that transform lives

Together, we can truly make a significant difference

Sanitary Napkin Kit

Bring smiles to many women month to month. Gift a year-long supply of sanitary napkins to a girl. You could gift one today.

Contents Per Kit:
96 Pads (for one year), 2 Panties,
1 RutuChakra Book, 1 Soap

Menstrual Cup Kit

Empower women with a sustainable choice by donating menstrual cups – a reusable solution that ensures comfort, freedom, and eco-conscious menstruation. Your support paves the way for healthier women and a cleaner planet.

Contents Per Kit:
1 cup, 2 panties, 1 soap

Rutuchakra Book

Menstrual Health for under privileged girls

“RUTUCHAKRA” kannada Book on Menstrual Health Management for underprivileged girls. The book is also about gender inclusiveness, factors that influence menstruation, good eating habits, yoga for mental wellness, and environmental awareness for sustainable living.

Contents Per Kit:
10 Books

Bio Degradable Pads

Support our mission by donating biodegradable sanitary pads – a vital step towards menstrual health for underserved women, combining comfort, sustainability, and empowerment in one thoughtful gesture. Your contribution ensures dignity for women and care for the environment.

Contents Per Kit:
1 Bio Degradable Pad , 2 Panties, 1 RutuChakra Book

In the past seven years, WOW has grown by leaps and bounds because of the contributions of our considerate donors. In addition to providing a new lease of life through menstrual education and annual hygiene kits, one of our goals is also to promote sustainable and cost-effective period management for all women. 

While we urge you to consider donating for our sustainability initiatives, we also encourage you to make a difference by switching to biodegradable pads and menstrual cups. Together, we can make periods safe, sustainable, and stigma-free.

We are registered under the Indian Trust Act, Income tax Act 1961 u/s 12AA We accept donations and these donations qualify for tax exemptions under Income Tax u/s 80G.

Behind every statistic is a woman whose life can be forever transformed by menstrual empowerment

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