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Nirmala’s Mantra – Your life is your message to the world … makes sure it’s Inspiring.

As founder of World of Women(WOW), she is passionate towards imparting menstrual hygiene education and facilitating empowering initiatives for young disadvantaged women, such as yoga workshops, emotional wellbeing seminars and cleanliness drives.

She has accumulated considerable experience working with various NGOs for over three decades. Recognized for her work and dedication to the field, she previously served as the President of Communities Services Bangalore. Her zeal towards empowering women, especially in the lower income groups who were subjected to physical and mental abuse, has been a major driving force. As a counsellor at Vanitha Sahaya Vani Women’s help line at the policecommissioner’s office – she was a source of assurance and emotional strength to the vulnerable women coming in and she supported them in their journey to becoming resilient and financially independent. At ‘Belaku Old Age home for Women’, she has helped fill the void by being a constant source of support while at ‘Geridie’s House for the Underprivileged’ she taught yoga and engaged girls in activities in order to help them manage their emotions. At ‘Prasanna Trust’ she used to volunteer as a counsellor to help the girls there to overcome the trauma of not having parents. As a counsellor and motivational speaker she passionately strives to influence, inspire and positively impact minds, which has invariably also made her a role model for many.

From an organisational standpoint she is a tremendous administrator, who has successfully spearheaded and organised various fund raising events, ranging from bazaars to theatre and even fashion events, bringing her own brand of unorthodox and creative approaches to raising awareness about causes.

Nirmala is an active yoga practitioner and chakra therapist, while also being a motivational speaker and a writer and blogger on various subjects such as spirituality, fashion and health.

“Secret of her growth is helping others”

Preeti Dadu Kedia, the Vice President and the Founding Member – World of Womem. The youngest and the most energetic member of the team but by no means inexperienced.
Ella Fitzgerald said: ‘Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.’ Preeti is an embodiment of these words. Her cheerful & bubbly personality, unmatched enthusiasm and love for people are an inspiration. These qualities, coupled with a desire to enable a real difference in the world make her a delight to work with.
She believes that the path to self-empowerment starts from within. Menstrual Hygiene is still taboo for people around her. Her vision is to educate every girl child about their own hygiene and equip them with everything that is needed to live a healthy life. She is blessed to be a mother of a beautiful little girl. Her little daughter is her inspiration, and the reason for her to be a part of WOW.
Preeti is an alumni of NIFT Bangalore. Her career as an Event Stylist began entirely by chance 7 years ago, the Founder of Hourglass Events. She is now much sought after in Bangalore for her work.


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(Founder & Former President)

Vandana is the director Sarathi International Inc – a world class export house for Incense. A 70 year old company exporting to around 45 countries, Winner of 13 national awards, Enjoys the #1 Brand status for Incense in more than 11 countries across the world.

A dynamic and an empowering creative head , Vandana Boggaram is a qualified Perfumer. While she develops unique fragrance,s she also manages a large segment of women workforce involved in manufacturing of incense.

Working for social causes for the past 15 years , Vandana Boggaram has been associated with acclaimed social initiatives like Teach India and Bacche Mann Ke Sacche where she has helped educate underpreviliged children and converted many slum children to school going children.

She has worked extensively with inspiring and award winning social leaders like Dr Kala Charlu and Ms Janet Yagneswaran.

Recognised as an influencer of young minds , she has won many awards and accolades like The Bengaluru Youth Award, Youth ICON, Inspiration Ambassador, Shining Star – Woman of the year award etc.

She is the Founder and Managing Trustee of World of Women. The shocking taboos and social stigma attached to menstruation lead her to start the organization. She has embarked on a mission to add value and make a positive difference in the lives of other women. Attract what you expect , Reflect what you desire, Become what you respect , Mirror what you admire is what Vandana believes.