Our Story

WOW aims to educate and empower the world’s largest population with heightened vulnerabilities of menstrual hygiene and management with a strong grass root revolution against the taboo engulfed with low awareness and lack of facilities.

WOW believes that adolescence is an opportunity to instill information on hygiene management and boost confidence to empower the girl child. This would directly impact the 23% girls forced to abandon education on the onset of menstruation cycle. It seeks to augment facilities of water, soap, adequate toilets and disposal facilities for more privacy and easy usage in 1.37 million government schools. More importantly, counseling on the cause and effects so that a more aware girl child could easily fight absenteeism and poor performance in school that is found to build negativity in completing studies.


Sanitary freedom that keeps Indian schoolgirls in class. Menstrual liberation that empowers women to equal number of working days as their male counterparts. WOW supports raising awareness regarding sanitation and hygiene with a specific focus in menstrual management in order to empower the last mile customers and enable them to make informed choice



Knowledge Is Power :
Through awareness raising curiculams we believe we can facilitate a unique and independent way of thinking based on logical perspective and scientific facts. We at World Of Women believe that education is the root and foundation of a new future and high progress.
Celebrating Menstruation :

Celebrating Menstruation and viewing it as a positive aspect of being a female is necessary step in allowing women to empower themselves. Feeling of guilt, fear, embarrassment or shame can be eradicated once the process of menstruation is seen as normal bodily function.

Expanding The Dialogue :
Expanding The Dialogue to all individuals in the conversation about menstruation is necessary because it isba human right for people to be treated with dignity and respect.

Nurturing such an environment required that menstruation matters are communicated not only among women and girls but also among boys and men as well.


Lifts Women Out Of Ignorance :

Wow educates women on various solutions of menstruation management , nutrition, physical health through yoga and mental wellness providing a wholesome package.

Raises Awareness of Women's Rights
WOW spreads awareness about better menstrual hygiene among rural and urban community including not just women and girls but men and boys as well.
Prevents Pain, Disease And Death:
Our low cost sanitary pad with awareness programs significantly improves some of the biggest issues in Indian Public Health System saving lives, preventing illness, Disease and pain.
Reduces School Dropout Rates:
In rural India one in four girls drop out of school after they begun menstruation. And those who stay in school are absent for 5 days each month. Using low cost sanitary pads decreases the dropout rate by 90 %
Increases Number of Working Days:
Most women remain at home during menstruation due to social stigma, discomfort and consequences of unhygienic means to address menstrual flow leading to a loss of 50 days of employment per year. Introducing WOW kits to working women is expected to increase the number of Working days by at least 30 days leading to increased income.