WOW @ Swakshatra Ex-Indian Army Officers, along with other concerned citizens, have started a Trust called Swakshatra, with a broad based mandate to work for the welfare and safety of Children and Women. Swakshatra, a word of Sanskrit origins, means Innately Strong and Self Powerful. This is our vision for every woman and child, and we seek to work towards this vision, primarily by engaging in Child and Women Safety initiatives including Anti Human Trafficking activities.

On behalf of all the kids and staff of Swakshatra, I would like to thank WOW and all individuals that were instrumental in contribution of a year’s supply of sanitary pads, and toiletries, to our kids. Kind of you to be doing this. We really appreciate this lovely gesture and hope that our association continues. Our kids loved spending time with you people the other day. Thanks for visiting us. Regards Bhavana ( trustee)