Urjavya in Partnership with Rotary Club Dalma have conducted #BloodDonationDrive in Kalikapur, Jharkhand. Main objective of the event is to create awareness among rural masses about the need of blood donation.

Rotary Team have also conducted #worldofwomen initiative #menstruationeducation for the women followed by SanitaryPad and Masks distribution. Menstruation Hygiene is crucial to the well being of women and also to the well being of their family and the community. But too often, especially in the rural parts of our country, mindset and prevalent custom prevents women from getting the proper menstruation care. This continues to be one of the major challenges. We are working towards spreading awareness among them. Gram Pradhan Mr Subol Bhakat and Senior Rtn Alpa Parekh lighted the lamp as sign of formal inauguration of the event. Thanks to WOW ( World of Women Foundation ) for availing us the Masks and the pads. A special thanks to Urjavya Volunteers Abhik and Jayadeep for your dedication and all your hardwork🙏🙏.