World of women workshop on Mental Health and Menstruation @Central Jail

Bengaluru .

Society is measured in part by how it treats its prisoners:

There are 158 women prisoners at Parappana Agrahara, including convicts and undertrials .While these women may have been arrested and jailed for committing diverse crimes, what happens to them while in prison? Are they equipped with the right skills so that when they are released, they can re-integrate with society and make a decent living?

What about their mental and physical health ??

Criminals who, after all, are part of our society, Keeping this in mind world of women held Mental and Menstruation health workshop in association with Ficci Flo headed by Shruthi Mittal and her team . This great initiative by flo is to train these women to keep emotionally and physically healthy to be part of our inclusive society when they are released .

Meaningful and constructive morning @ Central Jail Bengaluru 🧘